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Mihaly Horvath


Piano and keys


You can find his live works at 2me



Mihaly Horvath grew up in a small village in an artist family. At the age of 6 he had piano lessons with his grandmother and first he was not always happy when he had to rehearse.







At the age of 16 he played in his first band and was interested in electronic instruments. At the age of 20 he was able to buy a Poly Moog on which he could also play bass with his left hand.




During this time he won the Jazz and Rock Festival Augst with his band LEVEL. As winners, they were allowed to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival.




In 1988, in the era of digital sampling technology, he and his friend Ralph Stucki produced a song from the sounds of the 4 elements earth, water, wind and fire.



In his small studio with midi and with the first 4-track ProTools system, he worked for several years for the video factory and soundtracked videos for ABB, Zehnder, Telecom etc.




In the following years, several recordings and live projects followed as well as here on the photo when composing the music for the Swiss musical „Die Mühlebande“.

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